"These are some of amazing reviews we received from our customers. Thank you so much for your supports!"

Facebook Reviews

I absolutely love Liz

I absolutely love Liz an her staff they are all so amazing an sweet. They are so talented, my hair has never felt this silky an soft as well as my scalp, it feels so amazing after getting a treatment done. Honestly everyone needs to go an check out this salon, I have been to so many salons an not one has been so amazing they offer you snacks an drinks, they really make you feel at home an so happy to have you there. Never will I go anywhere else lol.

- Yolanda M. (Mar 28, 2016)

Amazing amazing amazing!!

Amazing amazing amazing!! I had a Japanese Straight Perm done yesterday. The moment I walked in, everybody was very welcoming. They checked my hair and right there and then they told me how much its going to be basing on the texture and length of my hair. My hair was very dry so unfortunately they had to re-do it again and I like the fact that they dont blame it on my hair as being dry, instead they assured me that they are going to make it straight! I feel that they really take care of their clients. Liz was very professional and caring. The services are a little bit pricey but if you are getting excellent service, its worth it! I will definitely be coming back again and recommend it to my friends and family. They offered coffee and korean noodle, my favourite!!!!

- Ap R. (Aug 28, 2017)

This is hands down the best place

This is hands down the best place I've ever gotten my hair done! Everyone was so sweet and helpful. I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone at length, but Minji was so funny. I loved my hair so much that I recommended my boyfriend to make an appointment. He came out of it looking so handsome! Thank you guys for everything. I will be back!

- Traci C. (July 14, 2017)

I had a fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience at Momo Hair on Saturday, June 16. The staff creates an ambiance that is just so welcoming. I felt very pampered. They went above and beyond for me that day. They offered me some food as it was lunch time and I still had to wait for my hair to process. And, when my hair appointment was finally done, it was raining cats and dogs outside. Jessie gracefully offered to walk me to my car with her umbrella. This place is exceptional! I would recommend Momo Hair to anyone who loves to receive a top-notch service.

- Jacky G. (Jun 18, 2017)

I was so thankful

i was so thankful for making my hair we're all nice and when it comes to your work, truly 5stars for i'd finally found the salon that makes me satisfied...thank you so much guys and well done...God bless you all

- Grace M. (Sept 18 , 2017)

Super great experienced

Super great experienced. They bring back a life to my hair. I super loved it! Plus their shampoo and the hair treatment was so awesome. No regrets at all when my friend recommend this salon to me though its more than an hour away in my place, the travel time is worth it. Keep up the good job!

- Ericka M. (May 28, 2017)

Never have I had such a pleasant

Never have I had such a pleasant, easy going, trustworthy hair dresser in my life. As a spontaneous walk-in who was hesitant to entrust my look in the hands of someone I didn't know, I had the most amazing experience. Got to have Liz cut my hair herself, and she and her team are so welcoming and accommodating, I was comfortable instantly and am so happy with the end result.

Thanks so much Liz! I will definitely be back! 

- Bryanna B. (May 26, 2017)

I had an excellent experience with Liz

I had an excellent experience with Liz and her friendly and accommodating staff. They did a balayage and it was amazing. They are meticulous with their work and patient with everyone. Sorry Liz i was sleepy.

Thank you for making me a look like a human being again. Keep up the good work. Btw Your washroom is so clean. You deserve a 10/5 stars. Will do a review at Yelp and at Instagram.

- Ash D. (July 16, 2017)

It came out fantastic!

I went in for a cut and hair colour and it came out fantastic! Everyone worked on my hair- they were very friendly, offered me coffee/tea, would tell me what they would need to do with my hair to achieve the colour I wanted and explained the process before they started. Liz suggested see through bangs which I really loved. All in all, I would come here again to do my hair. 

- Zooty L. (May 5, 2017)

The most lovely salon!

The most lovely salon! All the ladies on Liz's team are kind and truly welcoming. Clients are treated with appreciation  Their service is second only to their professional skills! I went in for a hair makeover - digital perm and balayage, and am so happy with how it turned out. Liz focuses on making sure the result is BEAUTIFUL. Very happy and finally found a salon that knows how to help create my dream hair!  

- Paula G. (Feb 21, 2017)

Yelp Reviews

Liz and her team did such a wonderful job

Liz and her team did such a wonderful job.  I've never had a salon experience with such lovely customer service! Everyone on her team was always making sure I was good and comfortable during my visit.

When I first walked in I was kindly greeted by the stylists and was offered coffee, tea or water. Then I got a hair consultation which was nice, completely changed my mind on what I wanted after a few pictures lol. I initially wanted get to keep the blonde but chose to go purple pink

Definitely worth the drive down from Mississauga! I'll see you ladies soon

- Suzanne M. (Aug 19, 2017)

Best salon you will ever go to in your life

Best salon you will ever go to in your life. Ever. Period. Seriously, do yourself a favour and go. You will never find a place that does amazing work but also works to keep your hair in great condition.   100%!

- Tina I. (Aug 2, 2017)


I've had Japanese straightening done twice before coming to Momo's. At least I thought I had. After being unhappy with the results (from two different salons in London, ON), I searched online for salons in Toronto. Momo popped up with great reviews, so I gave them a rang and booked an appointment. I was shocked they could get me in within four days!

I was promptly greeted upon arrival. The salon was busy, as expected for a Saturday. Staff were so upbeat and happy. I was amazed at the friendliness of everyone. Not pretentious at all. I felt very relaxed.

Claire, who did my treatment, assessed my hair, and explained how she would blend her work, into the poor work from previous treatments. I felt confident with my hair being in good hands.

Four hours later, my hair was what I expected post-treatment. But, I couldn't write a review, until after I washed my hair (two days later). Because after the wash, I'd then be able to really see the magic Claire did (or possibly didn't).

So, today was wash day (and thus, review day). Wow, my hair has never felt this soft! I did a rough blow dry, and combed it as instructed. My hair is honestly pin straight (except for the garbage at my ends from previously, which I knew would happen). Hair looks incredibly shiny too. Once I chop off the crappy ends, my hair will be lovely thanks to Claire and her skills.

I'm glad to have finally found a salon that can give me the quality of Japanese straightening I would expect. And, I don't mind driving in to Toronto for the day to get it done either if it means my hair is frizz-free from now on. Prices were VERY competitive, considering what I paid for the same treatment in London, with very poor results.

- Kerri L. (Aug 1, 2017)

This is a truly lovely salon

This is a truly lovely salon. If your debating trying this salon I would debate no further. You will not be disappointed Liz and the girls are the best. They use only the best products to keep your hair healthy and happy. The vibe of this salon is like no other. And also every time I leave the salon, I feel like a new woman! I always had an awesome time and look forward to my next visit.

I'd give Liz and the girls a thousand stars from the sky if I could.

- Jayjoy Y. (Jun 10, 2017)

I am soooo happy I found this place!

I am soooo happy I found this place! Before I booked, I looked on their Instagram page and was really impressed with the balayage they do! So I decided to book an appointment.
Booking was SO easy. First I tried to call, but didn't get an answer. About 5 mins later I received a friendly text, and easily set up an appointment for a couple days later!!
The salon was extremely clean and very cute! I received a warm welcome as soon as I walked in!

I discussed with them my ideas for my hair and they were extremely positive and also realistic with telling me what it will look like! I was offered tea coffee water, whatever I wanted. (FYI, Their Korean coffee is a must try!).  After a couple hours of being there I was even offered noodles!  Excellent customer service. By far the best I have received at a salon!

When my hair was finished, I was in love! It was worth every dollar I spent! I will definitely be coming back here again and again.

- Sarah H. (Jun 4, 2017)

I'm so glad I found the diamond

The photos speak for themselves, I'm so glad I found the diamond--in the rough. This place is the best, fantastic, I've been trying to find a good salon to maintain my hair.
I've gotten my hair cut by Liz twice and I can't wait to go back and get colour, I already know it's going to look great!!

- Laura A. (May 17, 2017)

This place is the absolute best!

This place is the absolute best!

I've gone to this salon a number of times and I was always very happy with my cut and colour. The ladies here are so funny and sweet. They take their time examining your hair and decide what will work best for your hair type and face shape. They are also very patient and kind, which is good since I know I can be some what difficult since I know I am very indecisive.

For whatever reason I recently ventured and tried a different salon which ended in a horrible cut and colour. I had to go back to Momo! I was a bit embarrassed because I felt like I cheated on my salon. But the ladies were so sweet, they fixed my terrible balayage and I could not be happier. I will definitely stay with Momo from here on end.

The only thing I would say is that when they work on your hair, they all work as a team. So one lady will wash, another will colour with some help, Liz will cut. So they do take a long time, so when making an appointment give yourself a lot of time.

Overall, after years of searching for a salon I've finally found mine :)-

- Abby G. (May 13, 2017)


I am SO GLAD that I went with this salon. I was close to just settling for a salon near by my area because this was quite the drive from where I was.

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted right away by the staff and we started getting to work right away. Like, literally.. which in the end I understood why.

Liz introduced herself to me and proceeded to talk about the steps on how to achieve my hair goal whilst showing me pictures. What I like about her is that she was honest with me from the beginning on what can be done and what we cant do. For short, just trust this woman because you wont regret it... she knows her stuff!

My hair was a long process (7.5hrs, thats why we started right away when I came in) and the whole time they would offer me drinks and even asian food. Lol. Other places just offer drinks but they legit offered me food because of the wait. How can you not love this type of customer service.

Prices depends on the length, texture and service needed for your hair. I had a lot done to my hair (balayage, ombre, colour fix and hair cut) and paid quite the price so I seriously suggest you consult with them for everything they need to do to your hair BEFORE you start getting it done. I thought I would just be getting a balayage/ombre when I came in but in order to achieve what I wanted, there were some stuff needed to be done first prior to doing balayage/ombre so it added up. So seeing them in person first would be much better in my opinion to get a proper estimate...just so some of you wont be shocked at the price point later.

In conclusion, liz and her team are impressive and will take care of your hair. I have finally found someone who I can trust with my unmanageable asian hair so I highly recommend them!

Am a repeat customer in the future for sure!

- Leah L. (Feb 12, 2017)

Pretty impressed

Came here as a recommendation from my sister who got her hair done two weeks ago and was pretty impressed. The reviews speak for the amazing service and there was nothing less of that at my experience here last week. The hours are pretty flexible so I was able to make an appointment when I called the day before I went. I have been trying to find a decent hair salon and I think this might be the place. Immediately, when I walked in for my appointment, I was greeted and was offered to have my jacket hanged. They also offered me tea or coffee.

One of the helpers washed my hair and gave a really nice head massage. Then Liz who cut my hair came by and greeted me nicely and asked how I wanted to cut my hair. I told her I needed a nice trim because my hair was super long. I told her to cut about 4 inches off and style to what she think was best. I was super impressed by her expertise in how fast she cut my hair! She trimmed it to my liking, brought some layers/side bangs back and they even curled my hair after. All in all, the whole wash, cut, style was just $45 plus tax or if you pay cash you can save on the tax. I paid cash and gave a nice tip for Liz because she did an amazing job.

I would definitely return here. The entire experience was great. They are friendly, efficient, and will give you exactly the haircut or do that you want. Prices are very reasonable!

- Sharon L. (Jan 14, 2017)

I just adore her

Liz has been my stylist for the last year and I just adore her and her team. she came highly recommend by my girlfriend. Im a mom to two small kids and styling my hair in the morning is such a chore.  i decided to have a digital perm after going through Momo Hair's FB postings and seeing all the beautiful results and the crazy equipment at the salon.  I am so happy I did it.  these ladies know what they're doing and they took great care of me throughout the process.  My parking expired while I was in the chair  and I was ready to go out to feed the meter with the solution in my hair and they were so kind enough to do it for me. I haven't experienced this kind of service at a salon in a loooong time. Love these ladies and trust Liz with everything.

- Leslie U. (Nov 5, 2016)

Google Reviews

I hope this place is open forever!

I’ve been having my hair permanently straightened for 8 years, so I’ve probably had it done 10 times, mostly in Korea, and this is the best experience I’ve ever had. The salon is gorgeous, the staff are so friendly, and somehow the horrible chemical smell that normally happens with this treatment didn’t happen?! I have zero damage and perfect silky straight hair. They even told me not to have to hair straightened yet when I came in before my wedding to keep some volume on top, losing out on $300 revenue for sheer honesty. I hope this place is open forever!

- Kathleen L. (2017)

Personable and professional

Personable and professional, I've been going to Liz for a while now! She and her staff are brilliant; super friendly, kind and helpful! I'm surprised they remember names and details considering how busy they must be! Love going here. The scalp massages by Claire are a must. They also sell the wonderful products they use in-salon so you can get the salon feel at home!

- Kavya G. (2017)

Wonderful first time experience

Wonderful first time experience. Love my new hair cut; I can understand why so many people rate it 10/10 haha.

- Luke H. (2017)

I recommend Liz

I recommend Liz to EVERYONE looking for a talented hairdresser who will leave them feeling beautiful!
- Mickey T. (2017)

The whole experience was pleasant soothing

I originally went here to get Japanese hair straightening. They examined my hair and decided to wait 3 months until henna in my hair faded away. So instead I decided to get my hair colored. They recommended hair manicure. I had always wanted to try it and was delighted. The whole experience was pleasant soothing. They really do have the best customer service. Vic and the other girls are just fabulous. They really do take their craft seriously and treat everyone with great kindness and respect. I will be going back there for Japanese hair straightening in 3 months time. The price is a tiny tad bit on the expensive side. I feel it is worth spending there. They deserve it.
- Swapna B. (2017)

True harmony of technique and service

True harmony of technique and service. My journey through the search for a perfect hairshop ends here. Often when a hair designer has a good skill, the service is bad, and when the service is good, the skill is bad; but too many times hair designers have no skills and no kindness. Momo hair has shown me professionalism in both technique and customer service. I must say, I am impressed.

- Lakun L. (2017)

I highly recommend MoMo's hair salon

I highly recommend MoMo's hair salon. My daughter got her black hair transformed into a gorgeous Ash Khaki with hint of Grey color, just the way she wanted. I was worried about hair damage after multiple bleaching steps but the result was amazing as they used good product that is less damaging to hair. Liz and her Experienced staff really listens to the customers and works very hard to provide the best service and result. The location was easy to find, steps away from Eglinton subway station, welcoming atmosphere, experienced staff, and the great result!
- Haley S. (2017)

AMAZING talent here!!

AMAZING talent here!! I attempted to lighten my hair myself with box dyes and I ended up with red/orange hair! (down side to having asian hair) but luckily Liz and her amazing team came to the rescue! They were able to transform my hair from the ugly burnt sienna colour to an amazing honey blonde baylage in just ONE session! Other salons i went to charged way too much money and asked me to come back 5-6 times. But Liz took on the challenge and told me she can accomplish what I'm looking for and she nailed it on the head! She is definitely my new go to girl for colour treaments. LOVE IT! Just a heads up, it's not just one person who works on your hair. The whole team works together to create a colour masterpiece. One girl washes your hair, one girl dries your hair, Liz and an assistant does the baylage/colouring, and someone else will wash again. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A NEGATIVE POINT. They are a small but motivated team who works well together! Every single girl there always has a positive attitude even though they are working so hard non-stop every day. It's hard to find service like this at hair salons. Overall, a VERY clean salon with amazing staff who always put the customer first. 5 stars all around!

- Kaitlin Y. (2017)

Highly recommended to those that are looking for a good hair salon!

Went to get my hair done yesterday for the first time. Though there was a lot of people but every single staff is patient and friendly. The salon is very clean and offers you water and food. Love the outcome of my hair and would definitely go back. Highly recommended to those that are looking for a good hair salon!

- Nancy J. (2017)

This is a truly lovely salon

This is a truly lovely salon. If your debating trying this salon I would debate no further. You will not be disappointed Liz and the girls are the best. They use only the best products to keep your hair healthy and happy. The vibe of this salon is like no other. And also every time I leave the salon, I feel like a new woman! I always had an awesome time and look forward to my next visit. I'd give Liz and the girls a thousand stars from the sky if I could.
- Andrea J. (2017)

Words cannot describe!

Words cannot describe how happy I am with my hair! From the moment I walked in the door, Liz and team answered all my questions and were very efficient and friendly. I did the Japanese hair straightening and I just washed it for the first time after waiting 72 hours and just... wow!! All I did was let it air dry and my hair looks like I just came out of a hair salon. Super shiny, no frizz and most importantly sleek straight. I can't believe I used to spend $$ on Keratin and still spend hours straightening it. The time and effort I will save are priceless. Thank you Momo hair and see you for my touch up!

- Dina A. (Sept 25, 2018)