Who is MOMO? We get that question a lot.  MOMO means peach in Japanese, but of course, we didn't know that when we created the name. MOMO is just an abbreviation of "MOre beautiful and MOre pretty." We wanted you to remember us easily so the name, MOMO HAIR is created.

Liz(Master hairstylist/Owner) has more than 19 years' experience in the beauty industry. She started her career as a hairstylist when she was still in high school. Since then she has never missed the top place in terms of customer satisfaction and sales number. A third-place in a national wide up-style competition shows how good she is. Check her out, you will see why she is the best.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese straight perm gives smooth, glossy, shiny straight hair that you see on magazines. But this beautiful permanent straight hair is not for models. It is yours, if you wish to have it. The treatment takes normally 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

Digital Perm

Digital perm gives permanent natural-looking boho waves to your hair. Because digital perm thermally reconditions the hair, the hair looks softer, smoother, and shinier after the treatment is completed. The treatment takes normally 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

Balayage / Ombre

Hair color is one of our specialties! Send us a picture of hair color you want, we will match it! We also offer hair manicure which gives natural healthy shine to damaged or lackluster hair. Yes, it works as color and nutrition that can repair hair with mild damage from overuse of heated hair products or hair dye.

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"I’ve been having my hair permanently straightened for 8 years, so I’ve probably had it done 10 times, mostly in Korea, and this is the best experience I’ve ever had. The salon is gorgeous, the staffs are so friendly, and somehow the horrible chemical smell that normally happens with this treatment didn’t happen?! I have zero damage and perfect silky straight hair. They even told me not to have hair straightened yet when I came in before my wedding to keep some volume on top, losing out on $300 revenue for sheer honesty. I hope this place is open forever!"

- Kathleen L. (Dec 2, 2017)