MOMO HAIR is best at making you beautiful with simple hair. Visit us, you don’t need to spend 40 minutes on your hair to look great. You simply need MOMO to have an easy life!

MOMO is just an abbreviation of “MOre beautiful and MOre pretty.”

Who is MOMO? We get this question a lot. MOMO means peach in Japanese, but surely, we didn’t know that when we created the name. MOMO is just an abbreviation of “MOre beautiful and MOre pretty.” That’s it. We wanted you to remember us easily so the name, MOMO HAIR is created.

We’re ready for you! To protect you and our communities from COVID-19, MOMO HAIR is committed to following all the guidelines that are provided by Toronto Public Health and providing free protective items, including masks, and gloves to our customers. Our employees wear masks and face shields during their shift. We also check each customer’s temperature with an infrared thermometer at the entrance to take further protective measures. Together, we can fight against COVID-19 and we will do our best. It is our promise.

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Watch how our customers react after the hair service!

Customers’ reactions
Balayage Hair Color – Ash Blonde
Japanese Hair Straightening – Kinky Hair
Digital Perm
Men’s Perm